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Why Inspired Guides?

A style guide should present its content in visually appealing and engaging ways

We need more than guides to libraries of patterns if we’re to inspire designers as well as inform developers, so Inspired Guides help to demonstrate what’s possible in a design, not just document its parts. Inspired Guides carefully balance the needs of creative and technical people by making style guides better at communicating design concepts without getting in the way of the technical know-how people need.

Benefits of using Inspired Guides

  • Save time designing style guides, pattern and component libraries
  • Earn money selling style guides to clients
  • Help creative and technical people to collaborate
  • Explain design concepts and technical know-how
  • The reassurance of industry best-practice built-in

Noto: A playfully designed style guide that displays information about your colour and other styles in imaginative new ways. CSS Custom Properties (variables) make changing styles quick and simple.

Raleway: A practical style guide that requires only a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and can be hosted anywhere and helps turn even the most common elements into an engaging and informative tool.


  • Six original designs to choose from
  • Beautifully organised stylesheets and markup
  • Compatible with common frameworks including Bootstrap
  • Use with Google Fonts, Typekit, and other web fonts
  • CSS Custom Properties (variables) for customising designs
  • Mustache templates for adding your own pages

Merriweather: A flexible style guide design that’s ideal for presenting a wide range of styles. Contains pages of elements including, colours and logos, typography, forms, tables, and navigation elements.

Twenty pages to get you started

Each design contains pages for common elements including:

  • buttons
  • colours
  • components
  • forms
  • icons
  • logos
  • media
  • navigation
  • panels
  • principles
  • tables
  • tokens
  • typography
  • typography-headings
  • typography-lists
  • typography-numerals
  • typography-paragraphs
  • typography-quotations

All designs come with free updates and bug fixes forever.

Playfair An ideal style guide for content heavy designs due to its emphasis on typography and is easily configurable with Google Fonts, Typekit or self-hosted fonts.